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Including back bolts, clamps, vises and other modular devices.
Simple. Easy. Right.

The Patented Invert-A-What?

Invert-A-Bolt™ (IVB) products are high speed machining fasteners. They are routinely used to implement lean manufacturing initiatives in work holding environments.


It is now possible to become more efficient and productive by eliminating dedicated fixturing and its related costs. Tooling design, manufacturing, maintenance and storage of these kinds of devices are an unnecessary cost of doing business now. Standardized tooling and modular fixture approaches make manufacturers more efficient and productive.


They Come With Invert-A-dvantages.

These revolutionary high speed machining fasteners have become a workholding "machinists best friend." Read our testimonials and consider the advantages:

  • Reduce stock size for every part.
  • Reduce number of setups by eliminating clamp changes.
  • Reduce fixture size by eliminating clamps.
  • Invert-A-Bolt™ products provide a unique & cost saving solution to holding & locating.
  • Eliminate Bridge Fixtures.
  • Reduce programming headaches – gets bolts & clamps out of the way.
  • Eliminate grinding bolts to length & time spent "searching" for the right length bolts.
  • Save money by creating a Universal Fixture with Invert-A-Bolt™ products and your favorite modular components.
  • Reducing obstructions to the manufacturing process can limit exposure to "accidents" and related injuries.


For Use With High Speed Machining.

These unique high speed machining tools have become a "machinists best friend." Read our testimonials and consider the advantages:

  • A company was able to reduce their number of setups from 7 to 2.
  • A complex mill setup (for tooling an aluminum forging, consisting of clamp rests, nest blocks, clamps, tooling buttons, etc.) was replaced by a flat plate with IVB products.
  • A titanium window frame had no other valid solution for milling to within .34" of the base with a special wheel cutter - the IVB fastener made it possible.
  • An EDM customer used the IVB fastener to eliminate head collision problems.
  • Universal fixturing application used with a bag press producing hydroform parts.
  • A company is installing IVB Universal Fixturing Plugs™ (UFP) in a long run production tool as a replacement for helical threaded inserts. The UFP’s are much easier to work with than threaded inserts. No need to drill out or use E-Z-Outs when worn out or damaged. Just screw it out and replace. Plus they last much longer than a standard threaded insert.


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