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5/8 Inch Invert-a-Bolt™ Fasteners

Eliminate the need for costly workholding vises and create more product with less waste. Clamps and vises just get in the way of the manufacturing process. Take your machine shop to the next level with smart workholding products from and Elijah Tooling.

Our 5/8" back bolt fasteners:

  • The -021 version is capable of much higher torques.
  • This is a heavy duty fastener, which allows ultimate clamping power for our product mix.
  • Patented

Quick-Change Fastener Characteristics
SKU Stud Engag Housing Housing Length Minor Diameter Hex Size Plate Size Torque Install Guide CAD Buy

Use Insertion Tool:
5/8"-11 .385" 1 1/4"-12 LH 1.150" 1.139" 5/16" 1.25" 100 ft.lbs.


Studs, Housings, Caps
Material: Stainless steel
Finish: None
Other Internal Components
Material: Stainless steel
Installation: Use Insertion Tool as specified
Access to stud w/ Hex wrench: Front & back
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