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Hole Plugs

These simple parts make a BIG difference when becoming more efficient and cost effective in manufacturing. Hole plugs are used to "plug" the holes in the Universal Common Modular Fixture (UCMF) when the holes are not in use. By plugging the holes, operators will spend less time in setup and part changeover by not having to blow the holes out.

  • Available for multi-purpose holes (bored/ threaded or bushed/ threaded inserted)
  • Available for IVB Fastener holes. These plugs have left-hand OD threads.
  • Available in different materials: plastic, aluminum, stainless steel for the appropriate application
  • Screw in with a hex wrench or applicable insertion tool for IVB fastener hole locations.


500-13-850 500-13-850 $2.95

Aluminum .500" dia. + 1/2"-13 ID thread with 1/4" hex. Used to plug Zipbushing™ multi-purpose hole (MPH) or MPH made from bushing/ threaded insert combination. Ask for the Delrin version of this product.
AA02-040-111 AA02-040-111 $2.95
Blank plug OD: 1"-12 UNF-2A LH Material: Plastic Fits: AA02-0XX-021 holes Insertion with: Hex Wrench or AA02-004-004
AA07-040-111 AA07-040-111 $2.95
Blank plug OD: 11/16"-16 UN-2A LH" Material: Plastic Fits: AA07-0XX-021 holes Insertion with: Hex Wrench
AA02-040-012 AA02-040-012 $13.95
1 Dia. IVB Plug (1"-12 LH) ID Thread: 1/2"-13 Height: 1.15" Material: Stainless Steel Insertion Tool P/N: AA02-004-004
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