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Invert-a-Bolt™ Precision Locators

The Patented Invert-A-Bolt™ (IVB) Precision Locator is used to precisely locate and hold simultaneously. This unique product combines the “upside-down” holding characteristics of IVB fasteners with the locating capabilities of precision locating (shoulder) screws. Easy to use, easy to install, these locators are manufactured to fit the situation where it is preferable to have holding and locating capabilities combined into one product. Unlike competing products, used only for fixture to fixture applications, these locators can be used to hold/locate parts during machining as well. The IVB precision locator is used in part manufacturing (fixture to part) or in quick change applications (fixture to fixture), or in any application where simultaneous holding/locating is desired.


  • Eliminate clamps and vises and other obstacles
  • Dramatically reduce setup and cycle times
  • Quicker change outs means more parts produced
  • Inexpensive compared to other locating products of similar capabilities
  • Creates options in workholding for hard to locate/hold parts

How it Works
Technical View

Now you see it, now you don’t.
Simply screw the studs into their housings when not in use and screw them out when you need them using either a pneumatic driver or a standard hex wrench.

* Protected by multiple patents. -021/-121 are Patent Pending.

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  SKU Stud Hex Size Locator Engagement Total Stickout Housing Thd Diameter Housing Overall Length Online Price Buy
New! 1/4 turn product.
1/2-13 1/4" .18" .48" 1 1/4"-12 LH 1.470" $124.95
New! 1/4 turn product.
1/2-13 1/4" .28" .58" 1 1/4"-12 LH 1.470" $124.95



Buy Accessories
  SKU Description Online Price Buy
AA03-004-004 AA03-004-004 New Design! Replaceable, screw-in, drive pins make this insertion tool our best ever! for PL03 Precision Locators, AA03 & AA06 type fasteners, 3-pin, 4-pin or 6-pin. Drive: 3/8" Mat'l: Stainless Steel $87.95
Replacement Pins AA02-AA03-Screw-Kit Set of Replaceable, screw-in, drive pins, Qty=6. Just screw into the insertion tool body to whatever length is desired. Interchangeable in either AA02-004-004 or AA03-004-004 insertion tools. Use only 3 pins for 3-hole type products. Includes Lock Tightening Fluid. Mat'l: Steel $13.95

Studs, Housings, Caps
Material: Alloy steel or stainless steel
Finish: No finish (stainless steel housing & studs). Covers, no finish (stainless steel). Call for specific information.
Other Internal Components
Material: Steel or stainless steel
Installation: Use Insertion Tool as specified
Access to stud w/ Hex wrench: Front & back for all fasteners except AA06-010-001 & AA06-100-001 which can only be accessed from the front.
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